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Gene Set Annnotation is a public web server for characterising gene lists of high-throughput genomics. GSAn has a simple user-friendly web interface providing results according to interactive visualization. Currently, GSAn only uses the Gene Ontology and the Gene Ontology Annotation, the stored information being updated every week. The aim of GSAn is to provide a synthetic annotation for a given gene set.

About GSAn

GSAn is developed and maintained in France, at Bordeaux University, in collaboration with the Laboratoire Bordelais de Recherche en Informatique (LaBRI, CNRS UMR5800) and the Bordeaux Population Health research center (BPH, Inserm U1219). The main development has been done during the PhD of Aaron Ayllon-Benitez under the supervision of Patricia Th├ębault and Fleur Mougin. The first version of GSAn became available in November 2018. The GSAn tool is freely available through this web application and various programmatic access points.